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How to Clean Breville Juicer Plastic – Best Tips and Tricks of 2023!

Breville juicers are a must-have if you’re a fan of fresh juices. Moreover, they’re simple to use and of the highest quality. While these juicers have their advantages, they also have some drawbacks. Here, you’ll learn some of the best juicer-washing tips and tricks to help you out in the kitchen.

This article post will show you how to clean Breville juicer plastic, so it’s always looking new. Enjoy!

Why It’s Important to Clean Breville Juicer Plastic?

Why It’s Important to Clean Breville Juicer Plastic

Breville juicer plastic needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the development of grime and sludge, which can cause the juicer to break down if not cleaned. Not only that but using a filthy juicer increases the risk of bacterial contamination, which is terrible for you. Make sure to clean your juicer regularly, and you’ll soon be sipping on fresh, nutritious juices!

Steps on How to Clean Breville Juicer Plastic

How to Clean Breville Juicer Plastic

Step-1: Unplug it

The first step in cleaning Breville juicer plastic is disconnecting it from the electricity source. This is a must-have if you want to keep your body safe from electrical shocks.

Step-2: Disassemble the different parts of the juicer

Once the juicer has been disassembled, it is time to begin the actual cleansing. See the owner’s manual for guidance if you’re not sure how to disassemble your juicer or are worried about doing it incorrectly. Removing all but the juicer’s motor is necessary.

Step-3:Wash each part using clean water

When cleaning the juicer, take care not to let go of the pieces or let them fall to the ground. You can now begin cleaning the stains from each section with dish soap or fluid detergent and a sponge. In addition to cleaning the juicer, it is an effective method of removing dirt and debris.

Step -4: Using a Drying Rack Set

Using a drying rack can help you clean the plastic of your Breville juicer more easily. Add water to the sink after you’ve placed the shelf there. Let the juicer parts soak for a few minutes in water. Use a sponge or brush to cleanse the details thoroughly. Set the items out to air dry after rinsing them with water. After cleansing, the pieces can be dried on this drying rack.

Step-5: Take the anti-bacterial solution

If you don’t even have an antibacterial solution on hand, disinfecting a juicer with vinegar works nicely. For obstinate staining on the juicer’s parts, vinegar can be used in addition to the sponge. Using a clean toothbrush can also help you get into some of the juicer’s tinier crevices.

Step -6: Cleaning Your Juicer From Harsh Residue:

Using a citrus cleanser is another option for cleaning your juicer. Two cups of water, equal amounts of vinegar and olive oil, plus the juice of one lemon or lime, are all that’s needed to make this dish. Spray the liquid into a bottle using a mist nozzle. The solution should be sprayed on each part of your juicer and cleaned with a brush or sponge. Set the items out to air dry after rinsing them with water.

Step- 7: Clean Your Juicer Using Saltwater

Saltwater is another method for cleaning your juicer. In a small bowl, combine a solution of water and salt. Remove any remaining pulp, juice, or bits of food by dipping the brush or sponge into salt water and scrubbing each section. The juicer parts should not be scrubbed with a metal brush at all. Instead, use water to thoroughly clean each piece before placing it on a towel to dry. Set the items out to air dry after rinsing them with water. For more information on cleaning Breville juicer plastic, please continue reading.

Step-8: Clean Your Juicer Using Baking Soda:

The use of baking soda to clean your juicer is an alternative. In the pulp container, add a few tablespoons of baking soda. Allow it to sit for a few minutes with a small amount of warm water. Afterward, use a brush or cloth to remove any remaining pulp, juice, or food particles from both the pulp container and the juicer’s lid. After that, run water through the container and place it back into the juicer’s bottom to dry.

Step-9: Rinse off the parts of the juicer

Once you’ve finished, run some water over the juicer parts to clean them. Ensure that you don’t miss any regions when you’re cleaning your body.

Step-10: Let it dry

The juicer can now be placed on a dry and clean towel to collect the residual water from the rinsing procedure. It should be left there for a few days to dry properly.

Step-11: Assemble back all the parts

Restore the body’s components by putting them all back together. In either case, return the juicer to its container or a new work surface. Breville juicer plastic cleaning is a breeze, as you can see. You need to be a little more patient about it. How to clean juicer parts is important.

What is Breville Juicer Cleaning Hacks?

What is Breville Juicer Cleaning Hacks

A few tricks can help you clean your Breville juicer if you’re having problems. One method is to run the juicer for a few hours with water and vinegar in it. For those problematic areas, try scrubbing them with a toothbrush. Finally, you can use a dishwasher-safe cleansing tablet to eliminate any leftover gunk accumulated. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before implementing any of these suggestions.

Repairing your Breville juicer may be necessary if it’s still not cleaned after calling an expert.


How to Clean Your Juicer Using Natural Cleaners?

Natural cleansers are an option for cleaning your juicer. Fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and the other halfway with lemon juice. Mix it up by adding the remaining water and shaking it up. Using a soft brush or sponge, scrub the parts of your juicer clean after spraying them with this solution. Set each piece on a cloth to dry after rinsing it with water. Vinegar and lemon juice can be used to clean the outside of your juicer.

How do you remove mineral deposits from a juicer?

Is there a way to get rid of the gunk on my juicer? The first step is to immerse the parts in warm water until fully submerged. After that, soak 100g of citric acid and 100g of baking soda in water overnight. Observe the 1:1 rule. Scrub any remaining stains or markings with the scrubby brush.

Can I put my Breville juicer in the dishwasher?

The Juicer Cover, Integrated Pulp Container, Nutri Disc, and Juice Jug and Lid are all dishwasher safe, except on the top shelf of the appliance. Under running water, brush the meshes of the Nutri Disc basket using a nylon bristle brush. Even though the pieces were cleaned in the dishwasher, it is recommended to air dry.

How do I clean my Breville cold press juicer?

Turn the juicer dial to the OFF position to ensure it is switched off. Then disconnect the power cord from the appliance and turn it off at the power outlet. Remove the remainder of the juice and pulp by rinsing all other parts under running water, save for the motor base. Wipe with a gentle cloth after washing in warm, soapy water.

Final Thought

Those are some necessary information about how to clean Breville juicer plastic. Keep in mind that it is critical to maintain healthy surroundings, have a healthy mentality, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

You can now put everything you’ve learned to use. If you clean your juicer after every use, you’ll be able to fully enjoy fresh, tasty juice for many decades to come!

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