How To Sharpen Nutribullet Blades

Sharpening Nutribullet blades is no simple task. This can be difficult for a newbie. But what if you learned how to sharpen blades from an expert? Hmmm, today I’m Tammy E. Edison with you to show you how to sharpen Nutribullet blades. Having researched this subject for a long time and having practical experience, I can give accurate advice and guidance on this subject. So, in today’s article, I will teach you the perfect time and how to sharpen your Nutribullet blades. So let’s get started.

First of all, I will tell you about the right time for sharpening.

When will you know it’s time to sharpen?

When it comes to Nutribullet blender blades, there are a few signs that indicate it’s time to sharpen them. However, after about 7 years of deep research, I found 10 reasons. These 10 Signs You’ll Know It’s Time to Clean Your Nutribullet Blender Blade When You See or Hear It in Your Blender The signs are:

  • Decreased Blending Efficiency
  • Increased Noise During Blending (There are more specific reasons for increased noise, which I discuss in detail here: “Why Nutribullet Blenders Loud.”)
  • Visual Inspection Revealing Nicks, Chips, or Worn Appearance
  • Leaking during Operation
  • Uneven Blending
  • Residue or Unblended Portions
  • Struggling Motor
  • Increased Effort Required
  • Inconsistent Texture
  • Blades Feel Dull to the Touch

So whenever you hear these signs, sharpen up quickly by following the steps below. 

Then, I will teach you how to sharpen Nutribullet blender blades. 

Supplies you need to sharpen Nutribullet blades

To sharpen your Nutribullet blades like a pro, you’ll need to gather a few things:

Supplies you need to sharpen Nutribullet blades

Sharpening stone

The most important item is a sharpening stone. You take a medium grit stone, around 600 to 800 grit. I noticed it provided enough abrasiveness to sharpen the blades without damaging them.

Lubricating oil

Using a lubricating honing oil helps the sharpening stone slide more smoothly over the blade. A light mineral, or jojoba oil, works well for this. Apply a few drops to the stone before sharpening the blade.

Paper towels

Keep some paper towels handy to wipe the blade and stone while sharpening.

Eye protection (optional)

It is a good idea to wear a pair of protective glasses, such as safety glasses, when sharpening the blade. I suggest this because sharpening can blow small metal particles into the air. And you don’t want them to fall into your eyes!

With these basic supplies and some patience, you’ll be sharpening your Nutribullet blades in no time. And I forgot to say yes. “Be sure to work slowly and sharpen the blades evenly.”

Step-by-step instructions for Sharpening Blades

Below, I’m sharing two methods for sharpening your blades. 

Disassemble and clean

Use the blade removal tool to unscrew the blade assembly from the Nutribullet cup. Gently pry the base of the blade from the cup using a flathead screwdriver. Remove the seal ring from the blade.

Wash all parts with warm, soapy water to remove built-up residue. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Especially clean the blade. But if you can’t clean the blade, I have a detailed post on this topic here: “How to Clean Nutribullet Blender Blade?”

Sharpen the Blades

Holding the blade assembly by the stem in one hand, slide the blades back and forth over the whetstone at a 45-degree angle using even pressure. Do 10 to 15 passes on both sides of each blade. Alternatively, you can use an electric blade sharpener. Carefully slide the blade assembly through the sharpener using light, even pressure. Repeat on both sides.

Then, wipe away any metal filings with a clean cloth. Rinse the blades again if needed.

How To Sharpen The Nutribullet Blender Blade with an Electric Knife Sharpener

Sharpening your Nutribullet blender blades with an electric knife sharpener is easy. First, put on safety gloves and unplug your Nutribullet. Take off the blade assembly and clean any debris. Set up the electric knife sharpener according to the instructions, adjusting the angle to around 20 degrees. Run each side of the blade through the sharpener, repeating until you’re satisfied with the sharpness. Wipe the blades clean, reassemble the Nutribullet, and test it with a small amount of water or a soft ingredient. This quick maintenance routine keeps your Nutribullet in top shape for smooth blending.

From the above discussion, you now know how to sharpen. Next, I will tell you why you need to sharpen your blender blade.

Why You Need to Sharpen Your Nutribullet Blades

It’s essential to regularly sharpen your Nutribullet blender blades. This creates a smoother and more efficient blending experience. With constant use, the blades can become dull, and affecting their ability to break down ingredients effectively. Dull blades result in uneven textures. They also strain the motor and may shorten your Nutribullet blender’s lifespan. By keeping the blades sharp, you ensure a better blend. It also extends your Nutribullet’s life. It ensures that it continues to deliver delicious and nutritious smoothies.

To keep your Nutribullet performing like new, sharpen the blades every 3-6 months. The frequency depends on how often you use it. Sharpening the blades is actually pretty easy to do yourself at home. It will save you from having to buy expensive replacement blades.


So now you know how to keep your Nutribullet running like new. The few simple steps I have given are enough to sharpen these blades. So, hopefully, these steps will help you sharpen your blades a lot. If you want, you can save this article; it will be useful for you later. Thank you for staying with me. If you have any opinion about this, then you can tell us in the comment box.

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