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Orange Juicer Without Peeling – 3 Effective Ways

If you’re like most people, you don’t enjoy peeling oranges. But what if I told you there was a way to juice them without doing that pesky task? You just need an orange juicer without peeling. In this blog post, I’ll share three effective ways to juice an orange without peeling it first. So read on and enjoy fresh squeezed orange juice without all the fuss!

01. Amco’s hand citrus squeezers

Amco’s hand citrus squeezer is a great orange juicer without peeling them. The product features a stainless steel strainer that filters out seeds or pulp. Thereby, you get only pure orange juice full of nutrients. All you have to do is cut your orange in half and then press it against the squeezer to get fresh juice in no time.

02. A citrus juicer accessory for your present slow juicer

You can also extract orange juice without peeling using your existing slow juicer. To do this, you need to add some attachments. A citrus juicer accessory can be your best bet for the purpose. This attachment fits onto most slow juicers, including yours. It will allow you to squeeze the entire orange into the machine. When juicing is complete, you remove the pulp from the extracted juice. Thus it gives you fresh and delicious orange juice without the fuss.

03. Manual citrus press

You can use the old-fashioned manual citrus press if you don’t want to invest in any tools or appliances. This tool is fairly inexpensive and requires no electricity or extra parts. You insert your orange into the orange juicer without peeling, turn the handle, and voila! You have freshly squeezed orange juice without all the hassle of peeling.

The Advantages of NOT Peeling Oranges

The next time you eat an orange, consider not peeling it. That’s right, an orange’s skin is packed with nutrients and fibre. These can offer some serious health benefits. For one thing, the peel contains a chemical called D-limonene. Which has been shown to help prevent cancer. 

Orange peel is a good source of dietary fibre. It can help to regulate digestion and lower cholesterol levels. Besides, the peel contains valuable antioxidants. It can help to protect us against heart disease and other wasting diseases.

Next time you reach for an orange juice, keep the peel on for added nutrition and health benefits.

The Disadvantages of NOT Peeling Oranges

The skin of an orange is full of nutrients, including fibre, vitamin C, and flavonoids. Yet, the skin can also contains pesticides and other contaminants. For this cause, many people prefer to peel their oranges before eating them. Peeling an orange removes some beneficial nutrients found in the skin. But benefits by minimizing your contact with dangerous chemicals. Also, the white pith surrounding the orange flesh is very bitter. It can make the juice less enjoyable to drink. For these reasons, consider peeling your oranges before juicing.


Q: Can I juice an orange without peeling it?

A: You can juice an orange without peeling it using a specialized tool. Amco’s hand citrus squeezer or a citrus juicer attachment is suitable to do in your slow juicer. You can also use a manual citrus press to get fresh orange juice without peeling.

Q: Do you need to peel before juicing?

A: It depends on the type of juicer you are using. If you have a slow juicer, you need not peel your oranges beforehand. Yet, if you are using a traditional centrifugal juicer, then it is best to peel the oranges first. It is necessary to extract more juice and prevent any bitter pith from entering your juice. But, if you want to maximize the nutritional content of your juice, then consider leaving the peel on. It will allow you to get valuable nutrients found in the peel of an orange that can benefit your health.

Q: Is orange juice without peeling healthy?

Yes, orange juice without peeling is healthy and can provide various health benefits. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These elements can help boost your immunity and keep your body healthy. Moreover, whole orange juice is low in calories. So you don’t have to worry about consuming too many unhealthy sugars when drinking it. All in all, whole orange juice is a great addition to any healthy diet. 

Q: Which juicer is best to juice an unpeeled orange?

A: The best juicer for juicing an unpeeled orange is a slow masticating juicer. This type of juicer uses a slow, gentle process to extract the juice from your oranges. The procedure prevents heating up or exposing them to air. Thus preserving the nutrients and flavour. Moreover, some models come with an attachment designed for juicing citrus fruit. As such, it makes it even easier to juice unpeeled oranges. But you can also use the traditional centrifugal juicers to juice unpeeled oranges. But to do this, you need to remove the outermost layer of skin before feeding the orange into the machine.


By now, you are quite aware of how to use an orange juicer without peeling. So, you can enjoy fresh, healthy orange juice anytime. Don’t have to go through the hassle of peeling the fruit first. We have discussed three simple and effective ways to juice an orange without peeling. So next time you’re in the mood for a refreshing glass of orange juice, use one of these methods. Save yourself some time and effort. Please write about your juicing experience in the comments box below! And if you have any other tips for juicing oranges, be sure to share them with us as well!

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