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Can You Bring a Portable Blender on a Plane: The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to take your portable blender on a plane? You can, but there are some rules to follow. The TSA, or airport security, has these rules for everyone’s safety.

In this article, we will explain these rules. We will talk about the blender’s size, the kind of blades it has, and whether it uses batteries or electricity.

If you obey these rules, you can have your smoothies when you travel without any issues. These rules are important for a trouble-free experience. Let’s get started and make your travel easier and more enjoyable.

Before anything else, we will talk about what Airport Security (TSA) Regulations are.

What is Airport Security(TSA) Regulations [4 Guidelines ]

What is Airport Security(TSA) Regulations

Before you bring your portable blender on your trip, make sure you know the airport rules. The TSA makes the rules for what you can bring on a plane. When it comes to portable blenders, there are specific guidelines you should follow:

Size Matters

The size of your portable blender matters. Smaller, personal-sized blenders are generally more acceptable than larger, bulkier models. It’s best to opt for a blender that can easily fit into your carry-on bag.

Detachable Blades

Some portable blenders have detachable blades. You can usually bring these in your carry-on bag, but check with the airline and TSA first.

Battery or Electric?

Portable blenders come in both battery-operated and electric versions. Battery-powered blenders are easier to take with you because they don’t need an outlet. Make sure the batteries are packed right and follow the airline’s rules.

Liquids and Ingredients

It’s essential to remember that TSA rules on liquids still apply. When bringing a portable blender, any liquids should follow the 3-1-1 rule. This means each container must be 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less. Also, put them in a clear, resealable bag that is quart-sized.

Now we’ll talk about how to pack your portable blender.

We have covered Can I Use Portable Blender While Charging in another post.

Packing Your Portable Blender In 4 Steps 

To safely pack a portable blender on a plane, follow these TSA rules and steps.

Clean Your Blender Thoroughly

Before packing, make sure your portable blender is clean and free of any food residue or liquids. Disassemble it if necessary to ensure every part is spotless.

Wrap It Up

To keep your blender safe when moving it, wrap it in soft clothes like a sweater or scarf. This will provide an extra layer of protection.

Secure the Blades

To avoid accidents, store the detachable blades of your blender in a separate plastic bag.

Inspect Your Batteries

If you have a blender that runs on batteries, store them correctly and obey airline regulations. It’s advisable to carry spare batteries if needed for longer trips.

Packing Your Portable Blender In 4 Steps
Packing Your Portable Blender In 4 Steps

Declare Your Portable Blender

When you reach the security checkpoint, be prepared to declare your portable blender. TSA agents may request that you remove it from your carry-on bag for closer inspection. Being upfront and cooperative can help expedite the process.

Now, we’ll talk about The 3 Solid Reasons to Bring a Portable Blender on Vacation.

The 3 Benefits of Traveling with a Portable Blender

Let’s explore the great benefits of bringing your portable blender on a plane.

Healthier Travel Options

Traveling often means eating out and indulging in less healthy options. Bring a portable blender to make healthy smoothies and shakes for a balanced diet on the move.

Save Money

Eating at restaurants every day can be expensive. With a portable blender, you can save money by making your own meals and drinks.


A portable blender offers unparalleled convenience. Whether you’re in your hotel room or at the airport, you can blend your favorite drinks quickly and easily.

Our next topic is frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Can I Take a Blender on a Plane in a Carry-on Bag?

Yes, you can. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of the size of the blender. Smaller, personal-sized blenders are generally allowed in carry-on bags. Larger, bulkier blenders are best packed in checked luggage. Be prepared to remove it for inspection during the security screening.

Can I Bring an Empty Blender Bottle on a Plane?

Absolutely. Empty blender bottles are typically allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage. As long as they don’t have too much liquid or powder, they are harmless on planes.

Can I Take a Blender on an International Flight?

Yes, you can bring a blender on an international flight. The rules for international travel may differ. Check with the airline and country’s security regulations. Ensure your blender complies with both TSA and international guidelines.

Can I Carry a Juicer on a Plane?

You can take a juicer with you on a plane, but you need to think about some things. When it comes to juicers, like blenders, smaller sizes are better for carry-on bags. Always follow the TSA guidelines, especially when it comes to the 3-1-1 rule for liquids.

Can I Bring an Electric Mixer on a Plane?

Yes, it is possible to bring an electric mixer on a plane. But, this is a bigger electronic device. It’s best to put it in your checked luggage. Before your trip, make sure to call your airline and ask about their rules for electronics.

We’ll now talk about our conclusion.


In conclusion, you can take your portable blender on a plane. Follow the TSA rules, pack it safely, and declare it at security. It’s a handy way to eat healthy and save money while traveling. 

Your blender makes it easy to whip up your favorite drinks wherever you are, be it in your hotel room or at the airport. So, don’t hesitate to bring it along on your trip for a more convenient and nutritious journey. Safe travels and happy blending!

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